October 2015      

"I, Odysseus" appeared in Okey-Panky. Ithaca, N.Y. okeypanky.com

was featured in Electric Literature. New York. electricliterature.com 
and will be syndicated in Revista Letteraria. Milan, Italy. (Print only.) 

June 2015       

Hosted a panel at the Chuckanut Writers Conference. Panelists include Kate Lebo, Elissa Washuta, Molly Wizenberg, and Bill Kenower. The panel is called "Drawing from the Well of Life: A Conversation on Getting Personal onto the Page." Bellingham, Wash. 

March 2015  
The Monarch Review
published "The Boy in the Car (11th Avenue, Seattle)." Seattle. 

February 2015         

Liars' League New York performed my story "Roommates" in its "Entrances and Exits" show

January 2015          

Interviewed the great Southern author Randall Kenan @ Richard Hugo House's Work Works ("Randall Kenan on Place"). Seattle.

December 2014          

Paneled at the Artist Trust Professional Development Workshop in Bellingham, Wash.

October 2014          

Presented at the Write on the Sound conference in Edmonds, Wash.

June 2014          

Hosted a panel at the Chuckanut Writers Conference with Kristiana Kahakauwila, Joanna Kenyon, and Peter Mountford.  Bellingham, Wash.

May 2014 

Story "The Guard" appeared in The Iowa Review, issue 44.1. (Cover photo by Maury Gortemiller.)  Iowa City, Iowa. 

Read "How to Be an English Teacher" at A Chuckanut Writers Conference Showc
ase, Richard Hugo House, Seattle.

April 2014            

"43 Crucial Facebook Button Additions" appeared in The AwlNew York.

"A Review of The Catcher in the Rye: A Spike Lee Joint" appeared in Trop.  Los Angeles.

January 2014           

In Your New York Dreamappeared in CityArts.  Seattle. 


December 2013          

Story The Ex appeared in Clover.  Bellingham, Wash.

October 2013          

Rose Poem appeared in The Monarch Review.  Seattle.        

August 2013                 

Took a class with fiction writer Peter Orner at Richard Hugo House.  Seattle.

June 2013          

Presented at the Chuckanut Writers Conference in Bellingham, Wash.

May 2013               

Signed with Shaun Dolan of Union Literary, New York.

November 2012        

Won an Artist Trust GAP grant.  Seattle.

July 2012                  

Story “The Hinnencamp Match” appeared in The Monarch Review.  Seattle.

March 2012               

Story “The Guard” won Richard Hugo House’s 2012 New Works Competition.  Seattle.

September 2011
Started Writers-in-the-Schools residency with Seattle Arts & Lectures.

August 2010               

Attended the Norman Mailer Writers Colony and studied with Bonnie Culver.  Provincetown, Mass. 

July 2010              

Spent a month at the Edward F. Albee Foundation in Montauk, N.Y.  Highly recommend this residency.  Albee himself visits "the Barn" daily.  He helped me with my story "The Guard." 

July 2009               

Presented at First Person Arts' First Person Salon.  Philadelphia. 

August 2008               

Attended the Jentel Artist Residency Program in Banner, Wyo.